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The Dabbler: [Mostly] Unplugged


Well, I’ve done it again.  I’ve let the world get too noisy and it must stop.  No more Facebook, no more checking in with my favorite blogs!  I’m overwhelmed with clever ideas from Pinterest, design inspirations from BHG and a million other sources, recipes, vacation ideas, best ways to do this, that or the other thing, tips and tricks. 

Stick a fork in me!  I’m doooooooone!

Back to basics.  Time to take a walk — thank you, Mother Nature, for spring hath SPRUNG in Colorado!  Time to wash the windows.  Maybe set up a bird-feeder and see if we can cross some species off the list in our Colorado field guide.

Time to snap my own photos and post them on this site.  And make some family photo albums from the past two years’ worth of electronic files on my PC.  And make stuff of fabric and thread with my fancy sewing machine!

I can’t wait until the glorious phase in my life when I no longer get perturbed by what other people say online, and no longer let myself feel inadequate by what it seems “everyone else” is doing with their blogs, and so on.  In the meantime I’ll bet that curbing my exposure will be a calming yet invigorating breath of fresh air!  Happy [almost] spring!

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  1. 03.13.2013 2:02 PM

    Heather- sorry to have offended you. Honest. The post came from a good place. Love you! -k

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